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Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Download WhatsApp for PC

Whatsapp is a free communication tools via chat or text with a multi-platform application Whatsapp which initially was only just can run on mobile phones iPhone only, but with the development of increasingly sophisticated mobile technology that many are using Whatsapp applications include: android based phones, smartphone, windows mobille and blackberry applications. But make no mistake now start Whatsapp application can run on PCs, laptops and tablets are where the more flexible than the Applicability BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Because if necessary bbm pin bb application but only use Whatsapp application-add with just the phone number used our friend.

Whatsapp Application is basically almost like Apps BBM (Blackberry Messenger), where we can show our pictures to each other and can also chat with our friends. But what distinguishes Messenger or BBM blackberry application with Whatsapp application are:
Applications BBM (Blackberry Messenger) can only be performed or executed for blackberry OS operating systems only, whereas Whatsapp application can be used for a variety of devices, among others, the application Whatsapp for PC, for smarphone, windows mobille, tablets, iphone and android
Blackberry application in connecting or add friends we need a pin plackberry Whatsapp while using only a phone number just to add a friend, just fill in your contact list with phone numbers and synchronize your friends by pressing the refresh button on the option while in your friends list. If your friend uses your mobile phone number is registered, Whatsapp will find yourself and show your friends directly on the call list.
Results conversation or chatting on Whatsapp we could pick up some clear chat conversations for us do not need all erased, whereas if we run the Blackberry Messenger chat function clear then everything will be erased
Icoon smile on Whatsapp more complete than the blackberry messenger application
Autotext blackberry apps can also run on whatsaap

To install Whatsapp for PC is not hard, just follow the steps or how to install Whatsapp for PC following:
First of all before you have to install the Android Emulator, can be found here.
After successfully installed Android Emulator which you also need to install both applications Whatsapp for Android here, install and run
Copy the file to C: \ Documents and Settings \ Your Profile Name \ youwave \ android apps.
Then click 2 times and wait for the application Whatsapp for PC until the display appears "Welcome to Whatsapp" as shown below, click Agree and Continue

Fill and No Country Code. Your phone click OK.
Then will display "dialog box" that you enter the phone number and then click OK
Then wait SMS Verivication page to register your cell phone number. If a warning appears "SMS Verivication Failed", click Call Me to hear 3-digit number for verification process. You will receive a call that should be 3 digits on the input.

After verification OK langdung then you can use to chat with your friends add friends through your mobile number.
So the steps to install Whatsapp for PC, you can try and practice, please start a chat through your Whatsapp application. And enjoy the ease in the form of text chat in berkomonikasi whatsappmu. Good luck and hopefully useful

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