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Chess for Android is a comprehensive chess app for strategy lovers on the go.

Have no doubts - Chess for Android is never gong to win any beauty contests. It's a Java chess engine with a very basic interface, but don't let that put you off. It's a realistic, challenging free chess game that will keep beginners and experts alike entertained for hours.

Chess for Android offers a variety of game modes - 11 in fact. There are 8 different levels for playing against the computer - with 1 being the easiest. There are also 3 other modes - Auto play, Free play and Random, perfect for studying, playing against an actual opponent on the same device, and getting started respectively. You can also customize Chess for Android's board and pieces, and there's even a full-screen option.

This chess game for Android also pays attention to the actual game, offering you an optional game coach (perfect for beginners) and game navigation, allowing you to analyze the Chess for Android games you win - or lose! You can also view the board from either white or black, and swap sides as desired. Finally, Chess for Android has an auto-save feature, making it easy to return to games you have to leave.

For a challenging chess app aimed at making you a better player, you can't beat Chess for Android.
Recent changes
Code optimizations

Challenging AI
Game coach
11 game modes
Export game data
Doesn't explain illegal moves
Not very attractive

Free Download
Chess for Android
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