Free Download BBM for PC windows 7/8/XP

4 Easy Steps to Install BBM On Your Windows Computer

Simple Steps to Install BBM On Windows Computer – Free Download BBM For PC – Manufacturer of Blackberry Limited formerly known as Research in Motion Limited ( RIM ), developed an internet based instant messenger and video telephony application which is called as the Black Berry Messenger ( BBM ). It was officially released for the Android. Within the first week of the release of BBM for Android, it was downloaded by more than 80 million users including 20 million new users on Android. Noticing such a huge popularity among the users, the Blackberry manufacturers decided to provide BBM for PC too. So for the users who wish to have BBM on PC, then these four steps which you are going to come ahead with ( in this article) will be very useful for you. Before having the tutorial on this lets have some basic knowledge of, what really Black Berry Messenger is? Its features and all.

Features of BBM Blackberry Messenger

The major feature of this app is that it provides its users with security in every aspect, i.e., it is secure to use for the users without providing its accessibility to the others. This feature has become the basic necessity of the users as now-a-days there are lots of fake apps available. But here you get genuine BBM For PC.
This app provides many amazing features for completely free which includes sharing of photos and videos, free text, voice calls and even video calls without costing you even a penny. By this you can remain connected with your friends, distant relatives or anyone else. The quality of the video calling is extremely good in BBM For PC.

Using this app is very simple. All you have to do is create your profile in this app with your phone number after which you will be provided with a BBM PIN which will be unique for each user. You can connect to anybody in this world by just sharing this PIN with them. As in this app you need not share your mobile numbers with others it is considered much better than WhatsApp. Most interesting is that you can block any friends you wish and you won’t have any server problems as those in others.

Download BBM For PC – How to Instal it !


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The first and former thing which is required to install Blackberry Messenger is Bluestacks, an app player.
> So your first step is downloading and installing Bluestacks which is available for free and can be done by visiting any Bluestacks website and downloading the desired version by clicking the download option.
> After downloading is completed, this program starts running automatically, if not then open the Bluestacks and run through the initial details and create or log in with a Google account if required.
> Install BBM once the main page of Bluestacks is appeared, by typing BBM in the search icon and selecting the first result of many related results. Then at last click on install.
> At last after the BBM is installed open the file by clicking on the open button to run BBM. Now give your BlackBerry ID to run this app through the initial setup. By this you will have BBM on your computer.
So just sign in using your log in credentials to make most out of BBM For PC. All you need is some time to become expert in using Blackberry Messenger for PC. The interface and other layouts will be slightly different from the smartphone one. Comment below if you are facing any issues while installing BBM On Windows Computer.
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