Free Download 3 Best Android Launcher Shall Try

Download 6 Best Android Launcher shall try - If you choose the Android platform as your mobile phone, then you are not mistaken. Because Android has some advantages that may not be owned by other platforms. One is to customize the look of Android. Yes, Android can be customized to your liking by using an application that can be called Android Launcher, Launcher Upon hearing the name you probably immediately think of an application where the best Launcher?.

Here are 6 of the best Android Launcher free and paid according to our best:

Launcher Pro
Undoubtedly LauncherPro is a launcher which becoming one of the favorite. Because of this launcher could work well in almost all types of Android phones. Minimalist, lightweight and fast, there is also a 3D feature inside the App Drawer.
Download Launcher Pro for Android from Google Play Store

Go Launcher EX
Launcher for Android pihat best of the other three. Not like LauncherPro, Go Launcher EX has hundreds of themes and widgets are cool to try. And the existence of widgets Go Store can facilitate you to search a wide range of themes and widgets created specifically for Go Launcher EX. Simple but luxurious is our impression that this one Launcher.

Download GO Launcher EX for Android from Google Play Store

SPB Shell 3D
If you're looking for a 3D launcher, SPB Shell 3D is a 3D launcher slah the best available on Google Play. Have widgets and colors according to our special. Having a messaging widget and clock widget that can be called special because of them specifically designed and listed in the default installation package, not like the others Launcher if you want to install some widgets need extra fee. But SPB Shell 3D is also quite expensive, with a price of $ 15, while many other launcher that can be used free of charge.
Before buying SPB Shell 3D you have to read the review, because this launcher may not work in your phone.

Download SPB Shell 3D for Android from Google Play Store
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