Free Download Game Shadow Drone Strike for Android and iOS

Shadow Drone Strike is a plane shooting game that you can download and play for free on Android and iOS devices . You can download this free game at the end of this paper , but before that it helps you to know what is the fun of the game 's drones . Because the game of shadow drone strike has become one of the popular games this week .

Game Shadow Drone Strike is one of the epic military war games and offers a strategy game concepts combined with the battle . In this game you will operate UCAV one of the coolest weapons .

You will control UCAV or more well known by the term drone into the battle arena . With cool 3D visualization you will feel the sensation of controlling drones . You should be able to operate various equipment supporting sophisticated pertempurang , besides that, you also have to have a strategy and the ability to destroy the enemy base .
Your main task is to destroy the enemy before they destroy you in advance . Game of drones shadow this strike you can play for free , but, like the clash of clans strategy games , you can also purchase a variety of items to pay real money .
Drone Aircraft Game Features

The features in this game that can make you addicted is as follows

    There are 7 types of drones that you can control , ranging from the nature of the prototype to really to fight .
    There are many types of missions available , ranging from the last mission , to attack missions . In total there are about 29 missions with 5 different maps
    There are 4 types of weapons that can be used , such as cannons , missiles , rockets and bombs .
    You can upgrade a variety of purposes in order to fight what you control the stronger
    and many other features that you can try in this game

Plane shooting game is only the size of 48 MB and can be installed on any android device with the operating system on 2.3.3 . If perangkatmu already support this game , what are you waiting ? Immediate download this free game now and feel the sensation of driving a simulation of combat drones .
Shadow Drone Strike Game Download Free

Download accordance with the mobile phone you use.
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