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McAfee Stinger is a portable antivirus that is used to detect and remove specific viruses to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system .

McAfee Stinger is designed to detect some viruses and remove them becomes easier than other antivirus programs . Installation of the Laptop / PC does not need installation , this is a standalone software . Very useful to remove and clean the virus that has infected PCs usually reject the installation of security software . McAfee updates will be updated several times a week for detecting viruses and malware are also always updated timeless .
Display a very simple interface makes it easy to run and mengoperasikannya.Dalam main view there are only a few essential buttons , and can easily access the advanced settings menu to set the option in the running McAfee .
The program you can embed in your PC or laptop as a protection to stay safe from the latest virus infection though . So as you fight painstakingly rid of the virus that has not been able to be removed Antivirus usual , try using McAfee Stinger anti virus , this program may be quite useful .
The advantages of McAfee Stinger is a stand-alone program or a portable , no need special installation , cpu and ram recource Using low .
Might need to know that this is not a McAfee Stringer as a replacement for a full antivirus program in the PC , but applications that help you when dealing with systems that are already infected .

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